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By understanding instincts.

At The Instinctive Advantage, our work is based on conation, which is your gut response (your instinct). It’s your default setting — how you take action even when you’re not aware of it. Employees will reach optimum levels of productivity when working in their “instinctive mode” — that is, in a way that’s consistent with their natural, intuitive responses. When teams understand how each member instinctively takes action, they are able to work together to unleash true synergy.

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And implementing solutions.


creating team synergy

Sometimes it just takes some understanding, development, and the right instincts to create team synergy.



long-term integration

Other times it requires a more in depth evaluation of time management, stress reduction, and problem solving. 



hiring & on-boarding

Either way, how you hire and on-board your employees plays a crucial role in how you retain and develop your teams. 


That our clients love. 


The impact of Kolbe over the past weeks has been significant. It has allowed me to let other people do more work (specifically gathering information/details), which allows me to move towards my next idea/goal/task. I’ve also been able to communicate in a very factual way about how I make decisions, which has allowed me to put myself in situations where I can be more successful.

- Todd Kelzenberg


This was the best leadership training I’ve had in the last six years.

- John W. Schultz, Ph.D.


I feel rejuvenated and excited about the possibilities of initiating some of these new changes in my work, and I am committed to sticking with them. I feel more aware of my work habits and what I need to do to be more productive!

- Ryan Goulart


Addressing problems organizations face.


of executives

believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.



of employees

would be more satisfied if they were given the opportunity to do what they do best.



of all organizations

have difficulty retaining some of their most valued employee groups.


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