We use the Kolbe A™ Index.

All Kolbe materials have been developed by Kathy Kolbe and Kolbe Corp. At The Instinctive Advantage, our job is to bring this content to life. Every journey into Kolbe starts with the Kolbe A™ Index. Your answers to this 36-item questionnaire reveal how you take action, instinctually. Actions are organized into four innate categories, represented by the four Kolbe Action Modes®.


To capitalize on the power of instincts. 

Skills can be taught and aspects of personality can change, but instincts are hardwired. Because Kolbe Wisdom™ is based on instincts, it’s a proven way for companies to determine the adequacy of potential candidates for specific jobs, create highly synergistic teams, and forecast potential team performance.


Through 3 types of coaching.



Sometimes it just takes some understanding, development, and the right instincts to create team synergy. This service includes:

  • Everyone on the team takes a Kolbe A™ Index to reveal natural instincts
  • We review coaching reports (abridged reports) with team lead.  
  • We facilitate an all-team session to to learn about each other's natural instinct, providing suggestions for synergy. 



Other times it requires a more in depth evaluation of time management, stress reduction, and problem solving. This service includes: 

  • Integrate Kolbe B™Index (instinct needed for success in own position), ensuring the right people in the right seats.
  • Integrate Kolbe C™Index (manager's expectation for the position), which minimizes tension in the position.
  • Hold coaching sessions for duos struggling to work together. 
  • Inspirational workshops based on Kolbe tenets can help your team function in the areas of time management, stress reduction, problem solving & decision making, and other customized subject matter. 



Either way, how you hire and on-board your employees plays a crucial role in how you retain and develop your teams. This service includes:

  • As teams get further into work with The Instinctive Advantage team, the natural next step is bringing Kolbe into the hiring process. We license Kolbe Corp's RightFit™Index Hiring Process, which is EEOC-certified. Service ensures that a candidates natural instincts align with the requirements of the position. 

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