Of all the personal and professional development sessions I’ve experienced in nearly 20 years at companies large and small, I found Kolbe to be not only the most accurate assessment (almost eerie!), but also by far the most useful and applicable to real-world benefits. I am already using the insights I learned in my work, and it’s already making a difference. Amazing.

Paul Sebastian - Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Lucasfilm Ltd. 



Your Kolbe interpretation gave me tremendous energy. It helped me understand my career thus far, the situations in which I’m likely to succeed (and those in which I won’t), and what I need to do to be happy. You’ve given me a priceless gift.

Dan Garon - Press Advance, LLC



This was the best leadership training I’ve had in the last six years.

John W. Schultz, Ph.D. - Superintendent of Schools, Hopkins Public Schools 



The impact of Kolbe over the past weeks has been significant. It has allowed me to let other people do more work (specifically gathering information/details), which allows me to move towards my next idea/goal/task. I’ve also been able to communicate in a very factual way about how I make decisions, which has allowed me to put myself in situations where I can be more successful.

Todd Kelzenberg - Vice President of Business Development



I feel rejuvenated and excited about the possibilities of initiating some of these new changes in my work, and I am committed to sticking with them. I feel more aware of my work habits and what I need to do to be more productive!

Ryan Goulart - Assistant to the CEO, Lennick Aberman Group 



Now that my nearly 18-year career as a student is over, I believe Kolbe will be a huge help to me as I wade through job applications and try to plan and visualize my next step! The real benefits of the test were in its specific details and the excellent way the results were presented with real-life examples.

Haley Reimer - 2011 Graduate, University of Michigan