5 cold hard truths about instincts.

There are many truths in life.

Some we believe.

Some we define.

And some that define us.

This blog post is going to focus on 5 specific truths about your instincts that you may not know exist. My hope is that this post gives you some understanding, as well as insight, into why you’re wired the way you are.

Understanding is powerful.

By understanding how each individual is wired, as a leader you’ll be better qualified to utilize your team on an individual – and team – basis.  The same tenant holds true when you understand more about yourself.

Instincts are not insights.

Your instincts are wired within your person, while your insights are based – and created – upon experiences. For example, your natural instinct as a presenter may be to simplify the message for the audience, while your insights after being a presenter for 20 years will help you define what simplification and reiteration of that message will work and be understood best.

Change isn’t inevitable.

Contrary to popular belief, your instincts won’t actually change over time. Like mentioned above, you may become a better presenter after 20 years, but you’ll likely still want to just simplify the message for the audience. The takeaway here is to understand that it’s okay for you not to try and change your instincts; instead, you should learn to better use them to your advantage.

Process will not be universally accepted.

Professionals respond differently to the amount – or lack thereof – of structure; or process. Because of this, it’s important that leaders are prepared to evaluate an individual’s response to process. This includes their needs, instincts, and how much or how little structure they truly need to succeed.

Hearing isn’t about hearing.

Being heard is one of the most undervalued elements of leadership. Although listening itself isn’t an instinctive based (after all, this can be learned), when we open ourselves up to being “better listeners,” we become more aware of the instincts of other - and needs of those instincts - around us. So, hearing really isn’t about hearing; it’s about caring.

Some truths define you.

Your instincts are one of those truths.

Are you working within them?


Stephen Tisch