Using Kolbe Wisdom™ to Increase Team Productivity


The Instinctive Advantage uses Kolbe Wisdom™ to help business leaders take themselves and their teams to greater levels of productivity and success.

The Kolbe A™ Index is a trusted assessment that uses a proprietary algorithm to ensure that you have a deep understanding of what natural strengths both you and the people around you possess. Ray, a writer from the What's Right About You blog, gathered 31 expert reviews that reveal that the Kolbe A™ Index is necessary for businesses to utilize the natural strengths of leaders and team members to build trusting relationships, stay motivated, and have "...a common language to work with." Once these three forces have been harnessed by one's business culture, every team member can reach new heights of productivity. To understand what can be achieved through the power of the Kolbe A™ Index, continue reading below.

Create Team Synergy

Team synergy takes the sum total of your team's skill, ability, and drive and makes it greater than itself. To help you discover what strengths you and your team have and can use to become even more synergistic, the Kolbe A™ Index breaks down into four Action Modes™:

  • Fact Finder - the instinctive way we gather and share information. Someone who Initiates on the Fact Finder weighs the pros and cons of what the team is trying to do and makes sure that decisions are made with data.
  • Follow Thru - the instinctive way we arrange and design. Someone who Initiates on Follow Thru will make sure there is a structure in place (timeline, agendas, to-do-lists, etc)..

  • Quick Start - the instinctive way we handle risk and uncertainty.  Someone who Initiates on Quick Start will jump right in and thrive in the unknown.

  • Implementor - the instinctive way we handle space and tangibles.  Someone who Initiates on Implementor needs a physical tool to unleash their hands-on energy.

As your team discovers how each other instinctively responds to tasks, you can develop a dynamic team where everyone is included, appreciated, and serves a vital role in enhancing your business' performance. Not only does it become easier to assign tasks that are suited perfectly for each member of the team, but the team's combined effort will create the best products possible.

Coach Your Dream Team

The Instinctive Advantage provides three major coaching services that can help you capitalize on your team's strengths to vastly increase their levels of productivity.

  • Creating Team Synergy - We teach business leaders to understand the implications of the Kolbe A Index results and begin facilitating a synergistic team.

  • Long-term Integration - Once your instinct is discovered through the Kolbe A™, the Kolbe B™ and Kolbe C™ Index ensure that you are living in your instinct in your job, while meeting manager’s expectations.

  • Team Workshops - We offer workshop sessions that introduce practices that integrate the Index results into your business model so that short-term change leads to long-term transformation.

  • Hiring & On-Boarding - We help businesses re-evaluate their hiring and onboarding processes so that you can draft and cultivate the best employees for a particular position.

The Instinctive Advantage's representatives hope to teach you as a business leader to become the coach of the dream team you've always desired. If you're interested in taking advantage of the total effort your dream team can produce, contact us today to begin your first coaching session.



Stephen Tisch