The Kolbe Assessment and a Better Workplace

The Instinctive Advantage reveals that happiness is a vital component to productivity and feelings of purpose at work in its article entitled "Why Happiness Matters in the Workplace." One of the departments that bears great influence over maintaining feelings of positivity and appreciation in your business is the Human Resources department (HR) - no matter how big or small the department may be. As interactions with human resource managers have often been associated with something that lessens the workplace experience, The Instinctive Advantage believes that with the help of Kolbe Wisdom™ your business can have an effective HR strategy that uplifts workers, builds lasting relationships, and establishes a culture of productivity in your business. To discover how The Instinctive Advantage uses the Kolbe A™ Index to change your HR strategy and entire company for the better, continue reading.

Human Resources Before the Kolbe Index

Ali Raza lists and describes what HR leads to when it is poorly constructed and managed in his article "How Poor HR Policies can Impact a Company and its Customer Service":

  • Unhappy Employees - Employees become unproductive and disengaged

  • Dissatisfied Customers - Poor service and low-quality products push customers away

  • High Employee Turnover - Employees refuse to stay and leave as quickly as possible

  • Loss of Business - Clients no longer demand your services and products

  • Increased Costs - Constant hiring and training drain your businesses' finances

  • Confused Leaders - Unable to put your finger on what’s wrong with your team

Sadly, without building and maintain healthy relationships with your employees, business cultures fail. What Raza reminds businesses of is the invaluable role HR plays in supporting a thriving business (even if you’re a small business). The Kolbe A™ Index acts as a resource to help your business create an HR department who understands, appreciates, and supports employees, and their instincts.

Human Resources After the Kolbe Index

By utilizing the Instinctive Advantage's coaching services your business' managers will learn to give the Kolbe A™ Index to employees to develop systems and initiatives that empower your people to maximize their potential. A few of the areas you can see improvement include:

  • Reduced Frustration - Leaders understand their team dynamics - and instincts - fully

  • Encouraged Ecosystems - People are encouraged to be themselves

  • Science oriented - Leaders have research to back the talents in the room

These improvements, and others are found not only in taking the Kolbe Index, but also through workshops in team dynamics and coaching practices. This allows your HR department to hire, onboard, and retain employees long-term even more effectively. By creating team synergy, healthy relationships, and "...ensuring that a candidate's natural instincts align with the requirements of the position," employee productivity will yield better products and performance.

The Instinctive Advantage's unique approach to applying the Kolbe Wisdom™ to your company will help you create the team and the company that many long to work with.

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Stephen Tisch