8 ideas to help your team stay more productive this Summer.


Summer is in full swing, and I hope that you’ve been enjoying beautiful weather and time outside (being from Minnesota, I know I am). Yet, as I reflect on the gorgeous months of Summer, I’m reminded that businesses - and their teams - can oftentimes be less productive during these few months.

At The Instinctive Advantage, our goal is to help organizations be more productive, which is why we’ve put together this simple blog. To learn more about becoming more productive as a team, connect with us today.  

Otherwise, give a few of these ideas a try!

Take a vacation.

One of the best ways to stay productive this Summer is to actually take a vacation (a real vacation). Even if it’s just for a long weekend, some time away from the office may just be the rejuvenation you or your team needs.

Work different hours.

Another option is to set up different Summer hours for the organization. Maybe this means that you all come in an hour earlier so you can leave an hour earlier. Or, maybe you take off every other Friday. No matter what you choose, the different schedule may just be what you need to keep your minds fresh and focused.

Encourage “Grouptalk.”

Okay, I may have made up this word, but it’s important. In the warmer months, our minds can wonder to the ideals of Summer. Thus, try doing more projects that require “Grouptalk.” By engaging your teams in collective conversation, you open the door for a more focused effort.

Sprint Goals.

Summer won’t last forever (insert sad face), so be sure to set specific goals for this period of time. You can call them sprint goals. This creates a more intentional individual and team effort during the warmer months.

Walking Meeting.

It’s okay to have a walking meeting. So, next time you have something to discuss, or strategize about, try doing it in your tennis shoes. Note: You may not want to have a walking meeting where specific details need to be documented.  

Play it Cool.

Although nobody wants to be freezing cold, keeping your office cool may be best for your employee’s productivity. Studies suggest that the most productive temperature is 71.6 degrees fahrenheit. So, don’t let the 90 degree temps outside influence your productivity inside.   

Introduce Fresh Minds.

Summer is a fantastic time to bring in college interns. Not only are the interns on Summer vacation so they have more availability to work, but they can bring new ideas to your teams in a season of freshness (and when additional team members are on vacation). Do be sure to bring in the “right” interns though. New faces aren’t always the best thing for a team.  

Learn or Teach.

Last but not least, learn or teach something new this Summer. Whether you bring in a consultant to teach something, or you take a collective assessment as a team, learning something will be of benefit to your teams, both emotionally and physically.

As you enjoy the Summer months, my hope is that your organizations - and teams - stay productive. Remember, at The Instinctive Advantage, we help businesses become more productive by helping them understanding instincts.

To learn more about what that means, click here.

Enjoy your Summer, and stay productive!


Stephen Tisch