Why we chose the name, The Instinctive Advantage.


If you've ever gone through a rebrand, you know how difficult it is to create a new name. Because of that challenge we wanted to explain why we've rebranded, and the significance of our new name: The Instinctive Advantage.

For the past 6 years, (which is as long as we've been in business) our focus has been on helping organizations be more productive. We do this by using the Kolbe Wisdom™ (which includes multiple assessments), focusing on the natural instincts of individuals and teams, and coaching these groups on how to use them to their benefit.


 We believe instincts hold great influence over a team's effectiveness, it's employee's satisfaction , and the organization's overall retention of people. 


Because of the influence that instincts have, we've also realized there's an "advantage" to using them effectively; an Instinctive Advantage. Individually, we are all created with natural instincts that are woven into our specific make up. Because of this, we act in different ways than others around us; especially in professional settings.

At The Instinctive Advantage we help individuals and teams acknowledge, understand, and utilize these instincts to increase their productivity (along with other items such as satisfaction, retention, and self awareness).

So, we are launching with a new name. One that communicates to our clients - and future clients - what it means to work with us, using the Kolbe Wisdom™ knowledge. It means that you, and your team have an Instinctive Advantage, and we want to help you use it.

We couldn't be more excited about launching our new website and brand. We hope this name clarifies our value proposition, and we are confident that it represents the future of our organization.

For all of your help, kind words, and business over the years, thank you very much!  Here’s to The Instinctive Advantage.



Stephen Tisch