The Power of Diversity

Diversity is a hot button topic right now.

Through conversations with various clients, the topic of diversity is entering their mindset on work.  Does it matter? Does it change anything? Is it possible? Here are some of our experiences with diversity, specifically in the workplace.

Does It Matter? 

The clear answer is yes, diversity very much matters. But the question remains – why?  At Affiance Coaching, we have dedicated our lives to teaching people how synergy is created in the workplace. Synergistic teams are crucial so each person can work within their own instinct. The key factor for teams producing high-quality timely results is working on a diverse team. Diversity includes cultural, racial, and diversity of beliefs and political views – and, of course, conative diversity.

Imagine an office full of people that thought the same, had similar beliefs, and similar MOs. Where would the diversity come from? Would they not all ask the same questions, and get stuck on the same problems? Yes, they would. Similar talents don’t balance each other out, different talents balance each other out. Diversity amongst team members is not only important, it is essential.

Does Diversity Change Anything? 

Engaging with diversity, at it’s core, is engaging with change. Has your team ever struggled to find the solution to a problem? If your team has been stuck on a problem at work, one of the best ways to get unstuck is getting a new set of eyes on the issue. Sometimes, someone different can find a solution in 10 seconds that we’ve been agonizing over for an entire week. Diversity can be just the change you need. Ingram writes, “Being exposed to new ideas, cultures and perspectives can help individuals to reach out intellectually and gain a clearer view of their surroundings and their place in the world.”

Is It Possible? 

There is no question that diversity is possible. But it is a choice. A choice to say yes to that applicant, to hire that unexpected person, to accept the change, to learn and grow. People often ask about the key hiring issues that I see in the workplace.  People like to hire people like themselves – when, in reality,I always encourage complementary differences.

Embracing diversity is the first step. Encouraging others to embrace it is the next step. This is how we make lasting change – through choosing the unknown, the different, the change, the diverse.


Stephen Tisch