How important are New Year’s resolutions to your team?

As the excitement of the holiday season winds down and the reality of a new year begins to set in, so does the reality of those resolutions you’ve set for your business. But what often goes unnoticed is the resolutions of your team members, and how those resolutions can impact your team’s overall performance and success.

Resolutions, when used within teams appropriately, are powerful.

So, this begs the question: are new year’s resolutions important to your team’s success, and if so, how do you clearly use them to your advantage? In this blog post we’ll identify 3 steps you can use to positively impact your team in 2018.

Be Purposeful

Instinctually, each one of your team members is different. Thus, their resolutions will also be different. With this in mind, it’s important to be purposeful when discussing resolutions with your team; you can’t just assume that everyone wants the same things. One way to be purposeful is to develop an understanding of how your team is wired. By looking deeper at each individual’s instincts and strengths, you’ll be more prepared to encourage, challenge, and come alongside them through their new resolutions; this will create purpose within your culture that scales way beyond just work.

Provide Opportunities For Encouragement

Resolutions can be grand ventures, and typically, they can be overwhelming once begun. With this in mind, it’s important that leaders provide – and encourage – opportunities for their team members to celebrate the measurable accomplishments along the journey. Whether it’s done formally, informally, in a group, or one on one, it doesn’t really matter. This is an opportunity for you to encourage your team members within the contexts of who they are – and strive to be – at the core. It’s quite a beautiful opportunity so don’t miss it.

Use The Momentum

When it comes to resolutions, momentum is king! But we’re not talking about using momentum to create more resolutions (or even expand on them). We’re talking about using momentum to create culture, aiding in employee retention, team dynamics, and the overall feeling of your organization’s mission. In the same way that your purposeful and encouraging actions can spur on the resolutions of your teams, the momentum of their accomplishments can re-energize the core of your organization.

What’s important to note is this: it’s not about what the resolution is, it’s about how you’re connecting with your team in relation to the resolution. If you’re able to be purposeful, encourage each other, and use that momentum effectively, you’ll be able to impact your team’s success moving forward.

Remember, the key to success is understanding.

So, what resolutions do your team members have this year?


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Stephen Tisch