Honor Your “Time-Saving” Resolution

One popular theme for New Year’s resolutions is the concept of how we spend our time. This can be personal (spending more time at the gym) or professional (more efficient at work to spend more time at home). So let’s bridge the topics together.  If “time” relates to your New Year’s resolution, and I’m certain there is some tie-in, then enjoy some of these time-saving tips based on your Kolbe:

Initiating Fact Finder Lets face it, you will always need the facts. You will always save time in long run by coming prepared with full material to a meeting.

Initiating Follow Thru You will always have a strong ROI on your time if you take some time to write out a plan.  This will allow you to flow from step to step seamlessly.

Initiating Quick Start Don’t worry about having the details, a plan or a three-dimensional (3D)   object… just do it! Your rush from taking a risk will save you time in other areas.

Initiating Implementor You can save time by going directly to a 3D object. Showing others your idea will take you less time to explain the complexities of your latest and greatest model.

Mediator Before you move forward with an idea, make sure all members of your team have weighed-in. While it may be time consuming up front, it will save you time in the long run!

Stephen Tisch